Jon Stewart steps down?

After being “too lazy to write jokes after 5” on Monday evening, Jon Stewart went easy on his friend Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) on The Daily Show, following the congressman’s confirmation that it was in fact his (insert penis euphemism here) in a photograph posted on Twitter last week.  The Comedy Central host chose instead to lay into John Edwards most recent legal troubles as it was originally scripted prior to Rep. Weiner’s press conference.  Some in the media had criticized the faux-news host’s choice, citing Stewart’s friendship with Rep. Weiner for his laxness on the story, despite the show’s thorough coverage of the scandal last week, which included the congressman’s penis squashing Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign announcement and an R. Kelly impersonator suggesting the Rep. photograph his junk in soy sauce.

Stewart returned full force Tuesday evening with a press conference “live” from a Motel 6 in Hackensack, NJ, where he apologized to his staff, his “beautiful and exotic family,” and to the intern who had to count the number of cock jokes, for his choices and announced that he would be stepping down as host of The Daily Show.  Over the course of the nearly six minute bit, Stewart gargled water, poured himself a Cosmo — “a drink popularized by the HBO series ‘Sex and the City'” —  revealing that he considers himself a “Samantha,” blended a strawberry margarita, cut his hand on a broken glass (for which he later received stitches for), and got reamed out by his faux-successor John Oliver while trying to hide the fact that blood was dripping down his arm.  You can watch the clip below:


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